Impromptu // Technical design // LOW PROFILE for exhibition held at ICIA Bath, February 2015

The Hall // Location sound, foley, mix and master // Melanie Manchot and Tamar Project, for film project July 2014

Sound design and composition for Tom Marshman. “A Place in The Sun”, for new theatre work July 2014

Double Brass // Commission // for Abigail Reynolds. Location recording, design and mix of multichannel sound work. June 2014

Resound2013 // Key note lecture and Performance // for CAZ. June 2013

Against All Odds // Commission // for LOW PROFILE and Exeter Phoenix. Production of three short films, 12 hour durational performance sound record and install. May 2013

Page Muster Habit // Commission // for Mark Leahy. Production of digital performance interface. Performed at EVP event at Bristol Cube. May 2013

The Inventory of Witchery // film // Screened as part of Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival 2013. February 2013

Efford: The Capital of Culture for Plymouth // commission // for Take-A-Part. Design and production of online Jingle recorder, Production of an online archive, Delivery of a sound workshop. Plymouth Art Centre. November-December 2012

Nowhere Island Radio // Lead Artist and producer // for Heart of Efford Community Partnerships. One Week of radio programmed for delivery 9th – 12th of August 2012, recording of live radio play and managing the radio broadcast.

Rinkomania // Composer // For dance work by Beth Richards in collaboration with Plymouth City Roller Girls (Roller Derby) Team. July 2012.

Sensing Obscurity // Sound Designer // for Director Erika Tan – Exhibited as part of Sinopticon, April/May/June The Gallery, Plymouth College of Art. Neil Rose also gave a series of talks, lead screenings and undertake a live performance as part of the Gallery programme of events around Sinopticon. ( )

The Ties that bind me to my brothers are not wrapped around my wrists, but rather are fastened around my heart // film // Sound design and mastering for Steven Paige 13.01.12 – 21.01.12 Exhibited at Exeter Phoenix

Come to Ours // As part of Plymouth Fringe during BAS7 2011 09.11 – 12.11 Member of Come to Ours Arts Council and Plymouth City Council funded collective, to realise a portfolio of projects. Neil Rose has specific responsibility for: Plymouth Aural Survey (Screened BBC Big Screen 2nd & 3rd of December 2011 & The Fireplace-gallery (with Hannah Jones)

“Last Orders” // film // Editor for Bryony Gillard 08.11 screened as part of A-Circle exhibited as part of BAS7 Fringe

“The handcuff king” // Collaboration // Sound Designer and mastering for Beth Emily Richards, 08.11 Commissioned by PVAC for British Art Show 7

“It Must Look Like This” // film // with Tim Dickinson as Got Any Rice (The Bank, Folkstone) 25.06.11 – 25.09.11 as a part of Café Concrete responding to “International Lighthouse relay” as part of the Folkstone Triennial Fringe activities

Live Improvisation with Matthew Coombe // performance // Freedom Fields Festival 05.06.11

Transpositions // Exhibition // MA Interim Show 04.03.11 “Colour Film: A 98 minute interpolation of Dario Argento’s 1977 film ‘Suspiria’” a film work and install collaboration with Scott Daniels.

“The Blackbird and The Dead Cat” // Film // Commissioned by Café Concrete 09.10 to promote their release: “All I can think about is this” By The Oddstep Deployment unit.

“Move Over Darling” // Collaboration // Tom Marshman (Bristol Arnolfini) 19.08.10 

Featured work on Cafe Concrete CCPCP CD // The Wire Magazine March 2010 Issue #31

Efford FM // Broadcast // Current 25.07.10 Commissioned to produce two radio shows, four workshops and mastermind the online deliver of a community arts radio station.

"To The Best of My Knowledge" Commissioned by 'Testing Grounds' (As Got Any Rice) // film/performance // Permanent Gallery, Brighton 30.01.10

Solo Gallery Show: Residuum, Plymouth College of Art // Exhibition // 11.01.10 - 30.01.10 

Release: Nyarlathotep // 11.09 With "The Old Ones" itunes

Rescoring the Silent, as Elm-K, in association with Penninsula Arts // Performance // 10.09 Rescoring F.W. Murnau’s Tabu (1931)

Neil Rose – Wilbur Whateley/Psychopomps // Publishing // 7.09 One.c Recordings

Contemporary Music Festival, in association with Penninsula Arts // Performance // 02.09 Live improvisation with Lona Kozik

Fragmented Orchestra, as Elm-K,  in association with Plymouth University // Performance // 12.08 

CCPCP55, as filmmaker and sound artist and joint organiser, // 09.08 DVD coupling sound artists and filmmakers, produced by Café Concrete in association with Plymouth Arts Centre and The Arts Council England

Expo Plymouth // Performance // 22.06.07 Expo Late – Café Concrete= Live performance – 60:00 (as ://Val_Ve and Rosie Len)

SoundLAB IV "Memoryscapes" // 13.10.06 Official Selection