Abigail Reynolds

Double Brass with Abigail Reynolds and St Keverne Band
St Keverne Band performs Troheaul By Gareth Churcher
Saturday 21 June (2014)

Double Brass: two bands march in the landscape...

Listening to one another across their local landscape, their music appears to diverge and reharmonise as the bands pass and repass.

The composer Gareth Churcher has collaborated with Abigail Reynolds to create a new composition, ‘Troheaul’ for Double Brass at Kestle Barton.

'Troheaul' marks the summer solstice. It translates from the Cornish as 'sunturn: such as the druids made and the inhabitants of the western isles still make’ (Borlase 1769).

Double Brass extends themes in the collage work of the artist, focusing on shapes drawn on the land by social forms, formal doubling, echoing, weaving. 

The 9 minute film is created by editing together some of the footage sent in by audience members. Fourty-one separate videos of the performance have been edited together for the film of Double Brass. The cameras used include i-phones, Cannon 600d’s, old mobile phones, even older digital cameras and go-pro's. The differing qualities of these recordings echo the diversity of people in the band and the audience, brought together for the moment of the summer solstice at Double Brass. The film is edited to the ‘Redegva’ section of the twenty-two minute ‘Troheaul’ composition.

Film screened at


Neil Rose:

•    Location recording of live brass band performance at Kestle Barton.
•    Mixing and mastering of audio track.
•    Mastering and final sound edits for resulting film work.

Double Brass was commissioned by Kestle Barton (gallery and residence space) to be presented alongside a solo exhibition by Abigail Reynolds.