‘Audio Séance: Technological representations of possession and ghost activity in film and TV, after SORRAT The Neihardt Psychokinesis experiments 1961-1981’  2013

A live improvisation using sound derived from technological representations of possession and ghost activity that the artist has collected and edited from film and TV. The sound performance is accompanied by a video projection of randomly sequenced clips derived from the same sources as the sound, that are mixed, effected and controlled by the audio content.

This new performance draws heavily on the artists, ongoing interest(obsession) with representations of mediums, ghosts, magicians, witches and conjurers within popular culture and ‘cult’ TV and Film. This work also speaks towards a societal need to assign technology with spiritual and/or otherwise remarkable ‘powers’ before the point of assimilation within every day usage. It is recorded that Edison attempted to convene with spirits through his experiments with electricity, Japanese mediums (conjurers) were “able” to project their thoughts onto instant photographic film, and Russian mystics “can reduce pain” by projecting their thoughts through the TV.

Performed at Resound sound art festival Penzance Friday 7th June 2014