Residuum 2010

The Gallery, Plymouth College of Art.

An installation for Art, Film and Pseudoscience

Neil Rose, Electroacoustic composer, improviser, and recording artist welcomes you to join him in his world of fantasy - inhabited by fictional scientific research, energies from other dimensions, and things that move of their own accord.

A sound installation of a series of noisemakers that Neil refers to as the “test equipment”, a set of custom made objects designed and manufactured by the artist, that, apparently, play themselves in response to the magnetic energies or the “residuum” of the exhibition space.

This installation was accompanied, on the opening night event, by a live performance by the artist along side the launch of a new book work and accompanying CD, containing recordings of new work derived from the objects featured in the exhibition.

An all out flight of fantasy that combines existing parapsychological research, spiritualism, TV Media’s obsession with the ghost hunt, folk lore and sound.

Is Neil Rose a cross between Derren Brown, Derek Acorah and Dr Frankenstein? The composer and recording artist’s Residuum show at Plymouth College of Art has elements of all three.

Apparently, he was searching for angels with his audio equipment and found an odd residual energy in his equipment. This residual energy can be found elsewhere too, and he’s found out how to turn it into sound.


Review – The Terror-tronics of Neil Rose

I scarcely could have imagined that when I picked up an innocent-looking package from my post office box that it would propel me into a world of unimaginable horrors, and that music, of all things, would be a bridge to unspeakable entities from beyond our realm!

On the opening night Neil Rose and Shaun Lewin performed a live improvisation.