The Inventory of Witchery 2013

Produced in collaboration with Shaun Lewin

Neil Rose & Shaun Lewin feel that one film cannot be enough.

35 arbitrarily selected films featuring Witches, broken down into 18 discrete categories and sequenced by Rose & lewin's bespoke computer system. The system, derived from genre based narrative devices, makes “decisions” about which clips to play, from which film, using data derived through the artists' intensive study of the 35 films included in the final work, and their existing knowledge of cinematic depictions of the Witch.

Each time the system is activated it generates an entirely new version of the film giving more than 130 million potential and distinctly different films.

The inventory of witchery system is realized through the use of cycling 74’s Max/MSP and Jitter.

* Rose & Lewin are interested in how the on screen depiction of the witch openly demonises women of a certain:
- Age
- Lifestyle
- Culture

These films where edited into arbitrary categories (Magic, Bothering Children ETC) along with their soundtrack material.
* Rose & Lewin are interested that, fundamentally, witches spend their time bothering children and enchanting men.
The Inventory of Witchery film generates a play list, derived randomly but following a series of discrete pathways between the categories. This means a film can be between six and seventeen categories long but is always ten minutes in total play length.
* Rose & Lewin want to celebrate cinema by presenting a picture of the witch and how she is represented from the 1920's to 1980's
Each clip in each category is played, if selected, and this means the longer the play list, the shorter the individual clips play.
* Rose & Lewin give you an accelerated tour through sixty years of cinema, focusing on the witch and how she is used as an patsy for sexuality, magic, horror and evil.